Tag: Court of Alexander


  • Tsar Alexander's Palace

    [[:20985 | Tsar Alexander]]'s kingdom is a small, peaceful, rustic domain somewhere west or perhaps east of the Ural mountains. The palace, a modest but stately ancestral construction, is in the center of , the closest thing the kingdom has to a true city …

  • Golden Apple Tree

    This tree in the center of [[:20985 | Tsar Alexander]]'s [[Tsar Alexander's Palace | garden]] is ancient beyond all memory, though it is young and narrow and straight as if it were still very young. Its branches and leaves form a pleasant rounded shape. …

  • Dmitri Tsarevich

    Dmitri is the second son of Alexander, the younger brother of Vasily and the elder brother of Ivan, and one of the three princes of his father's kingdom. A stout and boisterous young man, he savors the pleasures of life to the fullest. He loves to hunt.